Products that have engraved their names on the history of spectacle lenses

Seiko Optical Products boasts a long history and distinguished track record
of achievements and is widely known on spectacle markets both in Japan and around the world.
Here, you will find a record of Seiko Optical Products milestones including products that have engraved their names on the history of spectacle lenses as the first of their kind to appear in Japan and in the world.


The latest technology brings comfortable vision closer“Seiko Pursuit NV-X”is launched


Launch of“SEIKO FRONTIER,”a Lens that Blocks 100% of all UV Light and nearly 80% of 420 nm High Energy Wavelengths.

Getting more comfortable vision Launch of“Seiko Smart Aid Light and Smart Aid Regular,”

Launch of“Seiko Pursuit AC-X,”the top model in Seiko’s customized Progressive Lenses.


Launch of“Indoor 100/200,”intermediate-distance bias custom-made lens


Launch of“Seiko Pursuit CV-X,”which is custom progressive lenses that made use of Cross Surface Design®


Launch of“Seiko Superior PX,”this is our flagship model of tailor-made progressive lenses.


The new concept custom progressive lenses ‘SEIKO Pursuit PV’ were released with the ‘Cross Surface Design® (Double-sided Control Design)’ that employs the world’s first ‘magnification control’ and the world’s first ‘Horizontal Atoric.’


Launch of sale of “Seiko A-ZONE,”Seiko’s outstanding single vision lens that made use of the world’s first “Zone design”


Launch of sale of “Seiko Pursuit EV,” an age-specific custom lens that used the world’s first “Corridor Shifting Function design”


Launch of sale of “Seiko P-1 Genius,” the world’s first asheric progressive lens


Launch of sale of Japan’s first plastic spectacle lens


Introduction of Japan’s first fully-fledged laboratory system and the beginning of spectacle lens grinding and polishing