3D Spctacle Virtual-reality System

3D Spectacle Virtual-reality System

The world's first "3D real-time simulation" is a brand new spectacle lens-use simulator developed by SEIKO that uses computer graphics technology.

3-dimensional images close to actual spectacle scenarios are evaluated and the results fed back to lens design to optimize performance balance.

Evaluation as 3D motion animated images

Senses of swaying, distortion or blurring that occur when moving the head from side to side while looking at an object are simulated using motion images and the results used to optimize progressive lens performance balance.

Dynamic simulation of actual lens use

Evaluation of a wide variety of scenarios

Lens performance is evaluated through scenario-specific simulations.

Simulations can be carried out in a wide range of options.

3D Spectacle Virtual-reality System has been incorporated for:

SEIKO Individual Lens SuperiorPX
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SEIKO Individual Lens PursuitPV
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SEIKO Individual Lens PursuitNV 1.74/1.67/1.60/1.50
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