Super Resistant Coat BR

Coating performance of the Super-Resistant-Coat + Reducing blue light that causes glares and flickers A clear field of vision has been achieved

What is blue light (short wavelengths) ?

Among visible light (wavelength range: 380nm to 780nm), the range of short wavelengths (380nm to 500nm) is called “blue light.” Blue light is emitted in great amounts from electronic devices and LED light sources (e.g. personal computers and televisions that use liquid crystal displays, as well as smartphones). This means that we come into contact with blue light on a daily basis. Blue light has the properties of having strong energy and being prone to scatter in the crystalline body. Therefore, this is the cause of the sense of glare and flickering.

Image blue light Blue light in everyday settings

It is possible to see clearly with Super-Resistant-Coat-BR

The Super-Resistant-Coat-BR resuces blue light and gives a comfortable, clear field of vision

Reducing blue light approximately 11%

Super-Resistant-Coat-BR (SRC-BR) reflects and reduces blue light by approximately 11%*1 (the average reduction rate is approximately 30%*2) with Seiko’s unique coating technology.

Improved feeling of a clear appearance

The Super-Resistant-Coat-BR reduces glare and flickers while increasing visibility by cutting blue light. Glare caused by the dispersal of indirect light (the state in which it looks like there is a white mist) is also reduced and the clear sense of vision is improved.

Spectral Transmittance Comparison
  • This is a figure that considers the risk of blue light (wavelength range: 380nm to 500nm) reaching the retina which is obtained by subtracting the average value of spectral transmittance weighted by the solar radiation distribution and blue light hazard function from 1.
  • This is a figure that is obtain by subtracting the average value of the spectral transmittance of blue light (wavelength range: 380nm to 500nm) from 1.

This is a durable strengthening coating that is resistant to scratches, dust and pollen

High performance coating with a comfortable feeling when wearing

This is resistant to scratches, dust and pollen. The durability of these lenses has been strengthened and so these glasses are even more comfortable to wear.

Resistant to scratches Resistant to dust and pollen Easy to wipe away dirt

Even greater effectiveness by a combining with Function Color

Super Resistant Coat BR + Function Color

If you use Super-Resistant-Coat-BR (SRC-BR) with Function Color that reduces blue light, it is possible to obtain an even greater blue light reducing effect. Not only does this reduce glare, it also improves contrast in a variety of life settings, so it becomes possible to see even more clearly. This is a SEIKO-only combination that we would like to recommend.

Spectral Transmittance Comparison
Function Brown 50% + SRC-BR
Function Green 30% + SRC-BR

Please do not use densities of 30% and 50% for driving in the evening and at night.

Function Gray 15% + SRC-BR

In a PC setting, we recommend light colors.

※All photographs are only images. The effect differs depending on the individual.


  • The reflected color will be blue.
  • You may sense the reflection of light sources when coming into contact with strong illuminations by the prescription power (curve) and frame design.
  • You may sense yellow or darkness when looking at something.
  • You may sense back reflection when coming into contact with strong light from behind.
  • If placing an order with colors, you may see a difference between the color sample and the actual color due to the addition of the Super-Resistant-Coat-BR. (This will become closer to the color with which the Super Resistant Coat BR has been superimposed on the sample color.)

Comparison of lens coating performance

  • It is not possible to carry out processing with a combination of ‘Super-Resistant-Coat-BR,’ ‘Super-Resistant-Coat,’ 'Super Durable Coat,' ‘Super-Clean-Coat-BR / Keep-Clear-Coat-BR,’ ‘Super-Clean-Coat / Keep-Clear-Coat,’ Fogless Coat’ and ‘Super Anti Reflection Coating.’
  • ‘Super-Resistant-Coat-BR,’ ‘Super-Resistant-Coat’ comes with a shock-absorption function.
    (The ‘Super Hydrophobic Coat process’ and ‘PR Coat’ will be different.)
NAME Reducing blue light Powerful resistance to dust Powerful resistance to scratching Powerful resistance to grime Powerful resistance to impact Powerful resistance to fogging
Super-Resistant-Coat-BR -
Super-Resistant-Coat - -
Super Durable Coat - -
Super-Clean-Coat-BR /
- - option -
Super-Clean-Coat /
- - - option -
Fogless coat - - - - option

Super-Resistant-Coat-BR has been incorporated for:

‘Super-Resistant-Coat-BR’ processing is possible in lenses with a refractive index of 1.60 or above.
(This is all optional orders.)