January 2015 “SEIKO PRESAGE” release.


NEW Carbon Fiber Model: Light and Strong (PS1008・PS1009)

This model features temples made from carbon fiber, which is stronger than iron and lighter than aluminum. Carbon fiber is unique in offering exceptional performance and a beautiful woven pattern.

《 Carbon Fiber 》

Carbon fiber is an advanced functional material that is light, strong, and offers great elasticity. The carbon fiber material is rarely used alone; it is generally combined with resin and molded into shape. The unique characteristics of carbon fiber make it well suited for a wide variety of applications including airplanes and automobiles, construction, golf club shafts, tennis rackets and medical equipment.

The Innovative “Dual Action Sprong Hinge” Means Superior Comfort

Seiko Instruments, with its world-class precision watch coil design, proudly introduces an amazing new hinge mechanism. The "Dual Action Spring Hinge" utilizes both the horizontal and vertical tension of a spring coil. When used as the spring mechanism on the temples of a pair of eyeglasses, it allows for extremely smooth opening and closing of the hinges. The result is a hinge that moves, and fits, better than ever.

SPRON: Highly Elastic Alloy

SPRON is a specialized metal alloy developed by Tohoku University and Seiko Instruments Inc., originally as a material for mechanical watch springs. With its high elasticity, superior durability and excellent corrosion resistance, the material has also proved useful in medical devices and other instruments requiring small precision springs. The SPRON coils in the hinges of Seiko Presage eyeglass frames create an unprecedented level of comfort and durability.

Watch Crown Decorative Hinge

Careful attention has been paid to the design, right down to the smallest detail. The hinge carries the Seiko Presage mark.