The latest technology brings comfortable vision closer Seiko Pursuit NV-X is launched

Seiko Eyewear Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Nakashima / Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) simultaneously launches and starts accepting orders for Seiko Pursuit NV-X nationwide on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The new product incorporates the latest technology in Cross Surface Design® (Double-sided Control Design).
Seiko Pursuit NV/NV mild, the standard model in the Seiko Progressive Lens Series, has been well-received since its launch. Seiko Pursuit NV-X combines Pursuit NV/NV mild with the latest technology in Cross Surface Design®. Controlling the sides of a lens further minimizes the swim and distortion of vision, creating more natural vision. The new product design is unique to Seiko: with more emphasis on width of clear zone for distance, intermediate and near vision as well as on the balance between swim and distortion. It is recommendable for all customers who purchase Progressive Lenses.
Also, Seiko Pursuit NV-X is compatible with SEIKO FRONTIER, the lens material that blocks 100% of all UV light and nearly 80% of all 420 nm high energy wavelengths. Indeed it satisfies the increasing demand for eye care in the modern age.
With the latest technology in Cross Surface Design® (Double-sided Control Design), the launch of Seiko Pursuit NV-X upgrades and completes the Seiko Pursuit series of customized Progressive Lenses. The Seiko Pursuit Series offers a wide range of lenses, from the reasonably priced Seiko Pursuit NV-X to Seiko Pursuit AC-X, which is the top model in Seiko’s customized Progressive Lenses and is capable of meeting many diverse needs of customers. Take this opportunity to try it.

☆NV stands for Natural Vision
☆X stands for cross (X) surface, eXtraordinary