Launch of SEIKO FRONTIER, a Lens that Blocks 100% of all UV Light and nearly 80% of 420 nm High Energy Wavelengths

Seiko Eyewear Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Nakashima / Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) launched and began accepting orders for SEIKO FRONTIER in Japan on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. SEIKO FRONTIER is a new lens material that blocks 100% of all UV light and nearly 80% of all 420 nm high energy wavelengths.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are becoming more common in our everyday lives, schools, offices, and other situations, and are used by people of all ages. In recent years, it is difficult to separate people from digital devices.
The effect that UV light has on the human body is widely recognized. As the concept of UV care spreads over the wider field of our lives, there is growing concern about the effects that high energy wavelengths (short wavelengths) on human body, that we rarely paid much notice in the past.
Radiant rays are contained in the sunbeam that people are exposed to on an everyday basis. The shorter a wavelength is, the more energy it has and it has properties to scatter in the crystalline lens. High energy wavelengths not only cause glare and flickering, but also reach the retina just like every day ultraviolet, UV-A, can.

Today’s people are increasingly growing conscious about eye care in their everyday life. Now is the right time for Seiko to propose the users to wear various types of eyeglass lenses depending on purposes and situations.

SEIKO FRONTIER is a new type of lens material that greatly reduces strain on the eyes. It achieves the highest UV cut rates in the optical lens industry, blocking 100% of all UV light and nearly 80% of high energy wavelengths (short wavelengths) up to 420 nm.
SEIKO FRONTIER blocks blue light through absorption instead of reflection, creating a beautiful appearance that is free of the blue glare typical of conventional blue light-blocking lenses. It is compatible with many of Seiko lenses for presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism (single-focus lenses).

SEIKO FRONTIER can be used by people of all ages in many different situations, such as when being exposed to UV light outdoors or blue light inside the house or office. It is great for children at school, people working in the office, and those enjoying outdoor activities or traveling.

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Product Name

 - Blocks 100% of all UV light by absorption
 - Blocks nearly 80% of all high energy wavelengths of up to 420 nm (highest UV cut rate in the optical lens industry)
Launch Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Available Item: Seiko lens with a refractive index 1.67/1.60