In the comfortable field of vision, “Seiko Pursuit CV” which is evolving on both sides of lenses has been made even more powerful by Cross Surface Design® (Double-sided Control Design). This is the birth of “Seiko Pursuit CV-X.”

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuo Tanaka / Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch and start accepting orders in the Japanese market for our new progressive custom  lenses “Seiko Pursuit CV-X” from June 5 (Thursday), 2014. “Seiko Pursuit CV-X” are new products for which “Seiko Pursuit CV” has been made even more powerful by the latest Cross Surface Design®. These are “lenses you cannot part with that produce fun times” by further reducing sways and distortions.
☆CV stands for comfortable vision
☆X stands for cross (X) surface, eXtraordinary


【Launch Outline】
<Product name> SEIKO PursuitCV-X 1.74/1.67/1.60(Codes:PCV-X 174/167/160) 
<Launch date> We will start accepting orders from June 5 (Thursday), 2014
<Feature> ☆Smart Surface Control:
Improves near distance vision by reducing sways and distortions☆Aspherc adjustments according to dioptric power:
Eliminates variations in optical performance by lens power

☆Advanced Aspheric Design:
Reduces blurring caused by astigmatism

☆Curve Pairing System:
Maintains a beautiful appearance and optical performance with a pair lens

☆Variable aberration balance by power:
Aberration balance adjusted to the lens power