Introduction of the refractive index 1.74 material into the back surface of “Seiko Visio DS” at this value in the future

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuo Tanaka / Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch and start accepting orders in the Japanese market for the refractive index 1.74 material in our progressive value lenses “Seiko Visio DS” currently on sale from June 5 (Thursday), 2014. “Seiko Visio DS” are lenses which are both easy to use and become familiar with for those using progressive lenses for the first time because they greatly expand far distance vision. In addition, they have adopted “back-surface progressive + back-surface asperhic design” which reduces distortions in vision by distributing the progressive surface to the inside of the lenses. “Seiko Visio DS” have become even more attractive lenses with a full lineup due to the addition of the 1.74 refractive material.


☆ DS stands for dynamic sight



【Launch Outline】
<Product name> SEIKO VisioDS 1.74(Codes:VDS 174)
<Launch date> We will start accepting orders from June 5 (Thursday), 2014
<Feature> Aspherc adjustments according to dioptric power
Eliminates variations in optical performance by lens power