New models equipped with “Transitions® Signature 7” to go on sale in the “Seiko Transitions®” series

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Wakuyama / Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch and start accepting orders in the Japanese market for new lenses that have adopted the “Transitions® Signature 7” in the popular photochromic lenses “Seiko Transitions®” series currently on sale from March 3 (Monday).

The “Seiko Transitions®” series are photochromic lenses for which the concentration of the lens color automatically changes in accordance with the amount of ultraviolet rays. The quality of vision is increased by cutting harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) almost 100% and by reducing glare from visible light.

The “Transitions® Signature 7” that has been adopted in new lenses makes it possible to catch sunlight in an instant and react well to reflected light and light from behind under a variety of situations in everyday life. Moreover, the dependence on temperature which has previously been a bottleneck in photochromic lenses has been reduced and the concentration of color under high temperatures has been improved compared with our conventional “Transitions®” lenses.

We will launch a total of 18 types of lenses on this occasion: Four models of progressive lenses and five models of Single vision lenses that have adopted “Transitions® Signature 7” with all of these models available in either gray or brown. Furthermore, we currently have Single vision lenses, Seiko Comfortable Vision and Seiko Natural Vision lenses in stock, so it has become even easy to recommend these even sooner.

It is possible to expect the Japanese photochromic lens market to further expand in the future. We will continue to make new value-added proposals while promoting the stimulation of this market by providing a comfortable vision lifestyle to even more people with our new “Seiko Transitions®” lenses that combines the unique technology of Transitions® into the advanced designs of Seiko and the “UP 2 1.55S PH” lenses which will go on sale at the same time.


【Launch Outline】
<Product name> 【Tailor-made Progressive Lenses】
SEIKO SRP1 1.67/1.60 Transitions(S) GY/BR
(Codes:SRP1 167/160TG/TB)【Costom progressive lenses】
SEIKO PNV 1.67/1.60 Transitions(S) GY/BR
SEIKO PNV-M 1.67/1.60 Transitions(S) GY/BR

【Custom-made Lens by Age】
SEIKO PEV 1.67/1.60 Transitions(S) GY/BR

【SEIKO Prime Vision Lens】
SEIKO A-ZONE 1.67/1.60 Transitions(S) GY/BR
※It is possible to choose from any of normal curve, 3 curve or 5 curve.

【SEIKO Comfortable Vision Lens】

【SEIKO Natural Vision Lens】
SEIKO SSV Transitions(S) GY/BR(Codes:SSVTG/TB)
SEIKO SLU Transitions(S) GY/BR(Codes:SLUTG/TB)

<Launch date> We will start accepting orders from March 3(Monday), 2014
<Feature> 【Realization of even higher concentrations even in high temperatures which are less sensitive to the atmospheric temperature】
These are lenses which demonstrate high performance with stability under any temperature by reducing the dependence on temperature which has previously been a bottleneck in photochromic lenses.【Even higher concentrations under any temperatures】
These are lenses for which the color concentration has been improved in a comparison at the same time in various temperatures with our previous models (“Transitions® 6”).

【Toward lenses which react even better: Lenses that catch the sunlight in an instant under a variety of situations】
These lenses offer the best vision under all situations with the just right concentration by quickly reaching to sunlight from various angles.


【Realization of fading speeds even faster than ever before】
These are lenses for which permeability has been improved by 20% for both “gray” and “brown” in a comparison under the same conditions of “after the passage of five minutes from entering into a room with a temperature of 23°C” with our previous models (“Transitions® 6”).