New ‘HANAE MORI’ eyewear will go on sale from late October 2012



Product Number : HM2035 BK


Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch new eyewear in the ‘HANAE MORI’ brand in opticians in the Japanese market from late October 2012.

This is the brand for adult women who prefer an elegant style.


The theme of ‘HANAE MORI” in fall-winter 2012 is “gem – products that are beautiful like gems.”


The six new models of eyewear being launched at this time are a collection that has an impression of a “glittering butterfly” colored by lame and cloisonné with elegant forms that appear to be flowing while beautifully showing the face in profile of women.


The designs that represent “glittering like gems” with delicate Japanese sensibilities will add a sparkle to fall-winter fashion which tends to have dark tones.