New ‘dunhill’ eyewear will go on sale from late October 2012

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Product Number:AD1017 GP


Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch new eyewear in the ‘dunhill’ brand in opticians in the Japanese market from October 2012.

This is a luxury brand for men.


Dunhill has been loved throughout the world as a men’s brand that offers a refined British style since the firm’s establishment in 1893.


Dunhill offers eyewear for men who have a genuine intention to hold a concern in their lifestyle with an energetic spirit for both work and play under the concept of “traditional and modern.”


The four new models of eyewear being launched at this time feature designs with the theme of lighters that are one of the items which symbolizes dunhill.


The flint wheel and body of lighters have been designed onto the joints and temples.

This is a collection that represents the classic world view of dunhill with the shape of the front a vintage image.