New release from September, functional Custom-made lenses “Seiko Indoor MD” and “Seiko Indoor PC”

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will begin simultaneously accepting orders in the Japanese market from September 3 (Monday) for “Seiko Indoor MD,” intermediate-distance lenses for indoor use that have adopted the “back-surface progressive + back-surface aspheric design” first commercialized in the world by Seiko in 1998 with improvements having continued to be made to it since then, and “Seiko Indoor PC,” near-distance lenses that make personal computer work and tasks close at hand comfortable.


In 1986, we released “Seiko Senior 50” intermediate-distance progressive lens for indoor use for the first time in the world.

Since then, we have been leading the market for functional lenses with the release of “Seiko Caster,” “Seiko Roomiest” and “Seiko Indoor LD.”


“Seiko Indoor MD” and “Seiko Indoor PC,” which we will release at this time, reduce sway and distortion with their basic design, the “back-surface progressive + back-surface aspheric design” which realizes a wide field of vision.


“Seiko Indoor MD” are intermediate-distance lenses that allow the wearer to see clearly from close at hand to a little further in the distance.

These lenses have adopted the “Advanced Aspheric Design” so it is possible for those with astigmatism to also experience even more comfortable vision.


“Seiko Indoor PC” are near-distance lenses that adopted the “back-surface progressive + back-surface aspheric design” for the first time in the Seiko brand.

These are lens that make work close at hand comfortable with a feeling of the exceptional near-distance width.


With the addition of these two new products that will go on sale at this time to “Seiko Indoor LD” which is already on sale, functional custom-made lenses will become a series of three lens types, so we have been able to make available “back-surface progressive + back-surface aspheric design” lenses that are suitable for a variety of intermediate-distance and near-distance settings.


We also hope that seniors will be able to enjoy a comfortable life with the “Seiko Indoor Series” functional custom-made lenses that have further evolved.



Seiko Optical Products offer a comfortable “vision lifestyle”

for people all around the world with the most advanced technology and reliable quality.