New ‘agnes b.’ eyewear in 2012 will go on sale from late February in 2012

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch new eyewear in 2012 in the ‘agnes b.’ brand in opticians in the Japanese market from late February 2012. This is the brand based in Paris that is popular worldwide.


  【 Product number:AB2073 BC (Black) 】


‘agnes b.’ offers simple and stylish French-casual designs that complement the personalities of each person who wears these glasses without being swept away by the latest trends.


The eight new models of eyewear being launched at this time feature logos and motifs that express delicate patterns and a three-dimensional sense of femininity.


This is a collection that also expands the variations of the popular ‘ab heart’ model and which has added a casual cuteness while remaining simple.