New product launch from March 2012, of ‘Seiko Pursuit PV’ – see the world as it really

New Product launch: ‘Seiko Pursuit PV’

-See the world as it really is-

-Seiko’s new custom-made progressive lenses employ the newly developed ‘Cross Surface Design’-


Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will start accepting orders simultaneously nationwide from March 1, 2012, for ‘Seiko Pursuit PV’ progressive lenses that employ the new developed ‘Cross Surface Design (Double-sided Control Design).’




‘Seiko Pursuit PV’ is the next generation of progressive lens that has adopted the newly developed ‘Cross Surface Design’ and which provides a field of vision of things as they really are. The ‘Cross Surface Design’ has been added to the progressive lens technology developed so far by Seiko and is innovative technology which has further broken into new areas of ‘magnification improvement’ and ‘improvement of the near aspect ratio.’


With proactive control of sway, distortion and magnification on both sides, front and back, of the lens and furthermore, by adopting the best aberration balance through distance power and addition power, four benefits have been realized: (1) A reduction in sway and distortion, (2) an expanded field of vision, (3) magnification improvement and (4) improvement of the near aspect ratio.


A ‘natural comfort of vision,’ which has been demanded by customers’ in their progressive lenses, has been achieved.


From people with myopia to people with hyperopia, ‘Seiko Pursuit PV’ is a new concept, custom-made progressive lens that delivers easy to use and comfortable vision.


Seiko Optical Products offer a comfortable “vision lifestyle”

for people all around the world with the most advanced technology and reliable quality.




*PV stands for prime vision

*The near aspect ratio is the aspect ratio when looking at a square with the near portion of progressive lenses.

The closer this number is to “1,” the more shapes resemble the actual object.