‘SEIKO PRESAGE,’ eyewear for adult men with genuine intentions, is scheduled to go on sale from next spring.


- Flagship collection of SEIKO frames -


Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) is scheduled to launch ‘SEIKO PRESAGE’ from next spring. This is eyewear for adult men with genuine intentions.




‘SEIKO PRESAGE’ will be the flagship collection that will become the symbol of SEIKO frames. ‘SEIKO PRESAGE’ has pursued a design with superior functions and features, having taken inspiration from wristwatches.


The alloy ‘SPRON,’ which has extremely superior springiness with world-class crystal alloy technology, and a newly conceived and a newly designed spring hinge structure, which has been used in precision coil spring designs for watches, have been employed in ‘SEIKO PRESSAGE.’

Both of these come from Seiko Instruments Inc., which is a part of Seiko Holdings Group.


In terms of functionality, it is thanks to ‘SPRON’ and the spring hinge structure that have given these glasses greater comfort and durability than ever before (dual action spring hinge).


The design which has been given the image of modernity and luxuriousness for active seniors pays attention to detail. For example the brand mark ‘SP Mark’ has been placed in the hinge design which takes the image of a watch stem.


Without being influenced by the latest trends, the brand of ‘SEIKO PRESAGE’ has been created backed by reliable high quality.


Seiko Optical Products offer a comfortable “vision lifestyle”

for people all around the world with the most advanced technology and reliable quality.