‘Function Color’ will launch in November. These are new colors that combine functionality and fashion.

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will start accepting orders simultaneously nationwide for ‘Function Color’ from November 1. ‘Function Color’ reduces glare and combines functionality, where there is an increase in contrast, and fashion.




‘Function Color’ by Seiko increases visibility by efficiently cutting the short wavelengths (blue light) that cause glare through the introduction of a special staining technique. Looking through ‘Function Color’ lenses, a difference in brightness is noticeable, with the contrast being raised, through highlighting the difference in color by the difference in brightness. It has now become possible to see things more clearly.


‘Function Color’ comes in three colors; ‘Function Brown,’ ‘Function Green’ and ‘Function Gray.’ Each of these colors comes in four densities (10%, 15%, 30% and 50%). When selecting these colors we asked for a psychological evaluation from the Research Institute for Visual Sciences at Kanagawa University. The results showed an effective reduction in glare and an increase in contrast for a variety of situations. We recommend these in situations when you can feel glare and flickering; especially when playing golf, going for a drive or working on a computer.



Furthermore, in addition to the functionality of the glare reduction and increase in contrast, the fashionable style of these options is also attracting attention. This collection is supervised by Takako Yamazaki, our dedicated Optical Coordinator, and uses natural and bright colors that compliment clothing and makeup. In particular, colors with a density of 10% offer a natural impression both when worn and when viewed. We not only recommend these for men with a focus on functionality, but also for fashion-conscious women.


Seiko’s ‘Function Color’ makes it fun to wear glasses.

These are new colors for people that are concerned with fashion and functionality.


Seiko Optical Products offer a comfortable “vision lifestyle”

for people all around the world with the most advanced technology and reliable quality.



【Launch Outline】
<Name> Function Color

Function Brown / Function Green / Function Gray

( Code: FCBR / FCGR / FCGY )

<Launch date> November 1, 2011 ( Tuesday ) ( acceptance of orders )
<Price> Open price
<Orderable densities> 10%F, 15%F, 30%F and 50%F

*Store color samples will be provided in a 15% density.

*F stands for ‘full surface tints.’ Gradations are not available.


*In addition to the Transitions series, ‘Function Color’ is also not available on some other lenses.

<Target coats> Super-Resistant-Coat, Super Hydrophobic coat, Super Clean Coat (SCC), Keep Clear Coat (KCC), Fogless coat and High impact coat
<Product Features> ‘Function Color’ that combines functionality and fashion


◇Reduced glare and increased visibility

The short wavelengths (380-500mm) close to ultraviolet light feel like a glare, because their energy easily tends to scatter strongly. ‘Function Color’ increases visibility by efficiently cutting the short wavelengths (blue light) that cause glare through the introduction of a special staining technique.


◇Clear visibility ( increased contrast )

While reducing glare, the difference in color has been highlighted and this leads to increased contrast. Through this, it is possible to see things more clearly.


◇Especially recommended in three situations

These new colors are recommended in situations where glare and flicker are felt. In particular, when playing golf, it is possible to clearly see the ups and downs on the course and when driving, shadows on the road can be distinctly seen. When using a computer, it becomes easy to see text and graphics.


◇Paying attention to fashion as well

In color lenses, the higher the density of that color, the greater the reduction in glare. However, the higher the density, there is a greater emphasis and so it is also true that there are worries about coordinating with clothing and makeup. On this point, ‘Function Color’ specially uses light density natural colors. These colors also go well with everyday fashion.