The new launch from November of ‘Seiko Pursuit NV.’ This is the new standard in multifocal lenses.

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will simultaneously launch and start accepting orders nationwide for ‘Seiko Pursuit NV’ from November 1. ‘Seiko Pursuit’ aims to be the new standard in multifocal lenses. This coincides with the 130-year anniversary since the founding of Seiko and the 90-year milestone since entering the optical industry.




‘Seiko Pursuit NV’ is a new individual lens product that uses ‘Back-surface progressive + Back-surface Aspheric design’ in its basic design. This was first commercialized worldwide by Seiko in 1998, and since then improvements have continued to be made to the design. Flickering and distortions have been reduced and a wide field of vision has been realized. In addition, by adopting ‘Non-linear Progressive Power Change,’ the variation of power between the distance point and the progressive point has been made gentler. From this, the clarity of vision ranges have been expanded such as in the fitting point surroundings and the distance field of vision whilst the near field of vision that is sufficiently broad has been maintained.


Furthermore, the performance of the lens has been evaluated by the world’s first ‘3D Spectacle Virtual-reality System,’ developed by Seiko. An evaluation has been performed in real time of three-dimensional images that are close to the actual state when wearing the lens through a completely new lens wearing simulator that employs computer graphics technology. The performance balance has been optimized by applying feedback to the design of the lens.


‘Seiko Pursuit NV’ delivers natural vision to a wide range of customers; from first-time wearers to those switching products. These are multifocal custom lenses that aim to set new standards.


Seiko Optical Products offer a comfortable “vision lifestyle”

for people all around the world with the most advanced technology and reliable quality.



【Launch Outline】
<Name> Seiko Pursuit NV 1.74 / 1.67 / 1.60 / 1.50( Code: PNV 174/167/160/150 )
<Launch date> November 1, 2011 ( Tuesday ) ( acceptance of orders )
<Price> Open price
<Basic design> Back-surface progressive + Back-surface Aspheric design
<Product features> A new standard in multifocal lenses, with the performance balance optimized by ‘3D Spectacle Virtual-reality System’

【3D Spectacle Virtual-reality System】

The world’s first ‘3D Spectacle Virtual-reality System’ is a completely new lens wearing stimulator that employs computer graphics technology. This stimulator evaluates in real time three dimensional images that are close to the actual state when wearing lenses. It is possible to optimize the performance balance by applying feedback to the design of the lens.

There was a simulation with video of flickering, distortions and blurring when target objects are seen by moving the face left and right. The performance balance was then optimized for multifocal lenses. In addition, performance evaluations were conducted in a variety of situations and performance was achieved as a new standard of multifocal lenses by the simulations in different settings.


◇Individual Lens

‘Back-surface progressive + Back-surface Aspheric design’ has been used. This has received high praise for lenses that match people’s individual specifications. Flickering and distortions have been reduced and a wide field of vision has been realized


◇With the adoption of ‘Non-linear Progressive Power Change,’ the clarity of vision range in the fitting point surroundings has been improved by approximately 50%*.

The clarity of vision range has been expanded in the fitting point surroundings, by making gentler variations in power from the distance point to the progressive point.

*1: Compared to traditional back-surface progressive lenses ( S0.00 ADD2.00 )


◇Distance vision in those with astigmatism has improved by about 70%(*2) with the adoption of ‘Advanced Aspheric Design’

Listing’s Law, which determines the position of the eyeballs when looking in a variety of directions, has been taken into account and compared to our traditional back-surface progressive lenses, aberration balance has been improved and distant vision has been considerably expanded.

*2: Compared to traditional back-surface progressive lenses ( S0.00 C-2.00 AX45 ADD2.00 )

<Progressive zone length> 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
<Fitting point> 4mm upwards from the geometric center
<Divergence> Automatic variable inset ( 0.25mm pitch )
<Production range> *PNV: Code of Seiko Pursuit NV

【 PNV 174, 167, 160 】

Spherical surface frequency: S-10.00~+6.00D ( both are the S+C total )

Astigmatism frequency: C 0.00~±5.00D

【 PNV 150 】

Sphere range:  S-7.50~+6.00D ( S+C total )

Cyl: C 0.00~±4.00D

【 Common in all types 】

Add range: ADD 0.50~3.50D

Prism: 0.25△~3.00△

<Materials> <Material 1.74>Abbe number: 33, specific gravity: 1.47

<Material 1.67>

Abbe number: 32, specific gravity: 1.36

<Material 1.60>

Abbe number: 42, specific gravity: 1.30

<Material 1.50>

Abbe number: 58, specific gravity: 1.32

<Coating> <Super-Resistant-Coat ( resistant to damage, dust and dirt )>PNV174/167/160 Option

PNV150 Not available

<Super Hydrophobic coat ( resistant to damage and dirt )>

PNV174/167/160/150 Option

<Fogless coat ( resistant to fogging ) >

PNV174/167/160/150 Option

<Super Clean Coat (SCC) ( resistant to dirt )>

PNV174/167/160/150 Standard

<High impact Processing ( resistant to impacts )>

PNV174 Standard

PNV167/160/150 Not available

<UV Cut (reduces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to eyes)>

PNV174/167/160 Standard

PNV150 Option