‘Seiko A-Zone’ is being launched worldwide. This is Seiko’s highest fixed focal-length lens which features the world’s first ‘ZONE Design’.

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will start accepting orders simultaneously nationwide for ‘Seiko A-Zone’ lenses from June 1. ‘Seiko A-Zone’ are Seiko’s highest single-focus (for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) lenses. These lenses use the world’s first ‘Zone Design’.




‘Seiko A-Zone’ uses the world’s first ‘Zone Design’. This is the long-awaited launch by Seiko of new lenses for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. These lenses combine a comfortable feel with a stylish look. ‘ZONE Design’ is composed from the two different zones, the ‘Comfort Zone’ and the ‘Stylish Zone.’ In the center of the lenses, there is the correction of astigmatism and power errors and the ‘Comfort Zone’ is used to improve optical performance to achieve a clear and crisp field of vision. In the periphery of the lenses, there has been a reduction in thickness and abberations using the ‘Stylish Zone’ to reduce distortions. The combination of these two zones offer functionality when looking and fashion with a thinness that leads to a positive impression when being looked at.


In a 2010 survey of 10,000 consumers, people ranked functionality, price and fashion as the top three items they give priority to when choosing a pair of glasses. ‘Seiko A-Zone’ which is being launched at this time has elements that are in high demand with consumers while at the same time realizing a comfortable feel (functionality) and a fashionable and stylish appearance (fashion by reducing thickness and abberations). These have traditionally been difficult to combine as elements that are in opposition to each other. Seiko would recommend these new lenses with the highest single-vision focus to customers who place an emphasis on both vision (functionality) and appearance (impression and fashion).


Seiko Optical Products offer a comfortable “vision lifestyle”

for people all around the world with the most advanced technology and reliable quality.



【Launch Outline】
<Product Name> Seiko A-Zone 1.74 ( AZN174 )
Seiko A-Zone 1.67 ( AZN167 )
Seiko A-Zone 1.60 ( AZN160 )
*Inside the parenthesis ( ) is the product code.
<Launch Date> June 1, 2011 ( Wednesday ) ( acceptance of orders )
<Price> Open price
<Basic Design> Double-sided Aspheric design
<Design Features> Combination of a comfortable feel with a stylish outline by adopting the world’s first ‘Zone Design’
The world’s first ‘ZONE Design’ considers separately the two zones of lenses.

In the center of the lens, a comfort one has been adopted to give a comfortable feel when wearing. Outward from the comfort zone a stylish zone is adopted to create a stylish appearance.

◇Astigmatism correction that has taken into account Listing’s Law
When facing any direction (360 degrees) the surfaces of the lenses are optimized so that they can favorably correct astigmatism.

◇Curve Pairing
Optical performance, magnification and appearance differences that occur when there is a degree difference in left and right are suppressed and are optimized even further.


◇Prism aberration correction
When there is a prism requires, the surfaces of the lenses are optimized to match that requirement.

<Materials> <Material 1.74> Abbe number 33, specific gravity 1.47
<Material 1.67> Abbe number 32, specific gravity 1.36
<Material 1.60> Abbe number 42, specific gravity 1.30
<Coating> <Super-Resistant-Coat (resistant to damage, dust and dirt)>

<Super Hydrophobic coat (resistant to damage and dirt)>

<Fogless coat (resistant to fogging)>

<Super Clean Coat (SCC) (resistant to dirt)>

<High impact Processing (resistant to impacts)>

<UV Cut (reduces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to eyes)>


<Manufacture range> <A-ZONE 1.74>
Sphere range: S: -20.00 – +10.00D
Cyl range: C±0.25 – ±5.00D
<A-ZONE 1.67>
Sphere range: S: -10.00 – +6.00D
Cyl range: C±0.25 – ±5.00D
<A-ZONE 1.60>
Sphere range: S: -10.00 – +6.00D
Cyl range: C±0.25 – ±5.00D