New sunglasses for 2011 will go on sale nationwide from March in the ‘agnes b.’ brand. This is a brand that is popular worldwide.

Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd. (President; Takashi Wakuyama, Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will launch new sunglasses for 2011 in opticians nationwide from March in the ‘agnes b.’ brand. This is the brand based in Paris that is popular worldwide.




‘agnes b.’ opened their first shop in the Les Halles district of Paris in 1975. Since then they have launched the collections of FEMME (ladies), HOMME (mens), ENFANT (children’s clothing) and VOYAGE (bags). Without getting caught up in fads, they have continued to offer clothes full of spirit that take especial care with comfort and the silhouette, and also functional, simple and chic bags.

These new sunglasses will come in nine models. They are perfect for men and women in their 20s that prefer a simpler style. 

This is a collection that has an impact with its stitched logos and motif, while also offering simple and easy-to-wear sunglasses.


【Launch Outline】  

<Product Name>

agnes b.
<Launch Date> March 2011
<No. of Models>

9 models ( Total: 35 reference )

<Reference Retail Price> 15,750 yen ( tax included )
<Product Features>

■A collection which represents the worldview of the brand with the themes of ‘rock,’ ‘Morocco’ and ‘vintage’ that are loved by agnes b.


■Chic color usage that suits both women and men

This collection has been expanded to include simple and stylish colors; from basic colors, such as black and brown, to red and violet.


■Easy-to-wear colored lenses

The lens colors center on moderate dark-based graduated lenses.


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