The luxury of choosing the perfect item without compromise.Seiko’s “Lune Doux” were created for all women who appreciate that kind of luxury.
For you who enjoy the passing of the years at a leisurely pace, we present high quality frames to add pleasure to your every day.


Late November 2014 New “SEIKO Lune Doux” eyewear will go on sale.

Lune doux

High quality frames made in Japan that oer an elegant, simple design and feel light and comfortable to wear.

Enjoy them like an accessory,with sparkling slimline beta titanium rims,the rened luster of freshwater pearls, or the delicate mill nish of an antique look.

【Lune Doux(ルネ・ドゥ)】 … フランス語のLunettes(メガネ)とDoux(柔らかい・心地良い)を組み合わせた造語


2014.11 Model

Lune Doux Original Case
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