SEIKO TRIVEX Lighter, stronger, and clearer vision for added comfort

Introducing the Seiko Trivex Series

The Seiko Trivex Series offer high-grade lenses. They combine the three key features required from optical lenses in a high level and well-balanced manner – outstanding transparency for clear vision, strength, and excellent impact resistance.

Features of Seiko Trivex

Clear, crisp vision

With an Abbe Value of 43, 30% higher than similarly impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, Trivex lenses minimize aberrations to provide clear vision and comfort.

Ultra-lightweight materials

With a specific gravity of 1.11, Trivex lenses are made from ultra-lightweight materials that represent a significant advance in optical lens materials.

Strong and shatterproof

Trivex lenses are exceptionally safe and offer outstanding impact resistance.

Seiko Trivex, ideal for any situation

Prolonged use on a daily basis

Combining lightweight performance and crisp vision with everyday comfort, Trivex lenses are ideal for daily use. With high-curve options available too, they also cater to wearers who prefer their glasses to be a particular shape.

Safety throughout everyday life

As Trivex lenses are impact resistant and shatterproof, they are recommended for children, wearers who place top priority on safety, and those using frames that require strong lenses (two-point glasses, half-rim glasses, etc.).

Sports and active pursuits

Combining lightweight performance with strength, Trivex lenses are ideal for sports and other active uses.


FDA drop ball test
The “drop ball test” is a standard used by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to determine the safety and impact resistance of optical lenses. It requires lenses to withstand a 16.2g steel ball being naturally dropped onto them from a height of 127cm without sustaining any damage.

Thinness / coating

Product Name Thinness UV Cut off Reflection Resistance Contamination Resistance Scratch Resistance Anti-static coating Reducing blue light Blocking UV rays reflected from the back Fogging Resistance
Visio DS TRIVEX ★★ 標準 標準 標準 - - - - -
AS TRIVEX ★★ 標準 標準 標準 - - - - -
S TRIVEX ★★ 標準 標準 標準 - - - - -
★★ 標準 標準 標準 - - - - -

S:Standard specifications ※:The materials themselves offer outstanding impact resistance.


Product Name Refractive Index Specific Gravity Abbe Value Quality Assurance Mark
Visio DS TRIVEX 1.53 1.11 43
AS TRIVEX 1.53 1.11 43
S TRIVEX 1.53 1.11 43
1.53 1.11 43

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