STARVISION Lenses for Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism

You can choose from a wide variety of lenses to match your lens power and purpose of use.

Aspheric Lens

The front surface curve of the lens has been aspherically designed.
Compared to lenses with a spherical design, there is less blurring in the periphery and it is possible to have thinner and lighter lenses.

  • UP 1.74AS / 1.67AS / 1.60AS / BL1.60AS / SUPALITEⅣAS

    Product Details

    We have available a wide range of lenses – from thin, light and high-quality lenses to standard lenses and stock lenses with blue light reduction functions.

Spherical Lens

These are regular concave and convex lenses with a spherical curve design.
If the lens power increases, there is a disadvantage compared to aspheric design lenses, in that they become thicker and heavier.

  • UP 1.60S / UP2 1.55S

    Product Details

    While these are spherical lenses, they are manufactured to be as thin and light as possible.