The ideal senior lens for using PCs that provides a wide field of vision from keyboards to monitor screens.

Image of lens usage

Clear, all-encompassing close-range vision

  • Ordinary near-distance lens
  • FunClick

The photograph is an image that shows differences in fields of vision


Uses the unique FunClick design that sets the fitting point in the progressive segment. FunClick provides an outstanding wide field of close-range vision that enables the wearer to see the area required for working with a PC, including desktops and documents in sharp focus.
This lens allows the wearer to see the area encompassing the monitor and desk surrounds simply by moving the line of vision with no need to turn the head, providing a comfortable working style.

Little sensation of swaying or distortion

FunClick uses SEIKO's original progressive design to achieve the highest level of optical performance possible for a front surface progressive lens.

In addition, the progressive corridor is set to 25 mm compared to the corridor of approximately 14 mm of ordinary progressive lens to soften changes from the intermediate to near-distance segments and reduce sensations of swaying and distortion common in senior lenses.

The natural and comfortable fit alleviates discomfort even for users unaccustomed to senior lenses.

Thinness / coating

Product Name Thinness UV Cut off Reflection Resistance Contamination Resistance Scratch Resistance Anti-static coating Reducing blue light Blocking UV rays reflected from the back Fogging Resistance
FunClick 1.56 DMC2 ★★ OP OP - - - OP
FunClick 1.56 DC2 ★★ - - OP - - - -

◎:Standard specifications OP:Option


Product Name Refractive Index Specific Gravity Abbe Value Progressive Power Corridor (mm) Quality Assurance Mark
FunClick 1.56 DMC2 1.56 1.17 40 20
FunClick 1.56 DC2 1.56 1.17 40 20