A convenient indoor lens that provides clear vision from close range to several meters ahead.
Usable in a wide range of scenarios from offices and homes to practice rooms.

Image of lens usage

Clear vision from close range to several meters ahead

  • Ordinary near-distance lens
  • Caster

The photograph is an image that shows differences in fields of vision.


Image appearance of the field of view

Compared to previous fixed-focus senior lenses that provide only a close-range field of vision, Caster gives the wearer a wide, field of vision with depth and the ability to see clearly several meters ahead.
Caster makes use of the original Caster design that sets the fitting point in the intermediate-distance segment. This means that the wearer can clearly see not only items at close range, but also items a little further away such as clocks, calendars or whiteboards, and also enables smooth line of vision movement. Caster is ideal for a wide range of indoor activities such as deskwork, meetings, meals and hobbies.

Little sensation of swaying or distortion

Caster uses SEIKO's original progressive design to achieve the highest level of optical performance possible for a front surface progressive lens.

Moreover, the progressive corridor is set to 25 mm compared to the corridor of approximately 14mm of ordinary progressive lenses, to soften changes from the intermediate to near-distance segments and reduce sensations of swaying and distortion common in senior lenses.

Gives the wearer natural vision and comfort

Adopted technologies

  • Super Resistant Coat BR
  • Super Resistant Coat
  • Super Durable Coat
  • Super Clean Coat BR
  • UV Protect Plus

Thinness / coating

Product Name Thinness UV Cut off Reflection Resistance Contamination Resistance Scratch Resistance Anti-static coating Reducing blue light Blocking UV rays reflected from the back Fogging Resistance
Caster 1.60 ★★★ 標準 標準 標準 OP OP OP OP OP

S:Standard specifications OP:Option


Product Name Refractive Index Specific Gravity Abbe Value Progressive Power Corridor (mm) Quality Assurance Mark
Caster 1.60 1.60 1.30 42 25