STARVISION Progressive Lenses

A generous product lineup has been assembled; from everyday progressive lenses to lenses to suit s specific purpose. Choose the design to suit your lifestyle for clearer vision.

General-use Lenses<Prograssive lenses>

These are lenses that can be used when outdoors and when indoors, without the need to change your spectacles.
With just a single pair of spectacles, it is possible to see in far the distance, close at hand and also in between.

  • Regard

    Product Details

    Both sides of the lens have an optimal aspheric design that matches the lens power of the customer.

  • Wing

    Product Details

    These are progressive lenses that are easy to get used to. They are suitable for seniors wearing lenses for the first time and for those looking for a replacement to their existing lenses. The design has a close-field of vision and a clear far field of vision.

  • UJ2

    Product Details

    These are lenses that have less discomfort and a clear wide field of vision, easy to wear for first time progressive wearers.

Indoor Lenses<Mid-close Focus>

These are lenses for use indoors, such as when doing office work and housework.
Being able to comfortably see from close at hand to a little further in the distance.

  • Caster

    Product Details

    They can be used in a wide variety of locations; in the office, at home and when in the gym.