WIDETECH 167 - Form, vision and style. -

The optimum custom-made curved lens that solves previous high-curve lens problems and offers comfortable vision for various activities.

Fuatures of high-curve spectacles

Wide field of vision
Outstanding fit on the face
Enhanced design
The wide field of peripheral vision makes this lens ideal for activities such as sports and driving.
Reduced reflection from the sides
The wider angle protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
Reduced exposure to foreign particles and the wide
Close proximity of the lens to the face makes it harder for pollen, dust and the wind to penetrate.
Reduced reflection from behind
Reduced reflection on the lens surface from light from behind makes this lens ideal for driving.
Comparison image

Problems with high-curve lenses to date


Widetech solution

Panoramic Asymmetric-Aspheric Design

Solution-1, The all-direction asymmetrical aspherical design eliminates differences in power error and astigmatism across the entire lens. Solution-2, The prescriptionpower has been optimally corrected to ensure intended prescription power effects when wearing the spectacles. Solution-3, Prismatic error caused by the tilt of the optical axis have been eliminated by adding an optimal corrective prism.

Optimum customization

The ideal high-curve lens is custom-maded based on customer data and frames.

Required data


  • The vision provided by high-curved lenses needs to be explained and requires time for accustomization.
  • Contact with the face must be taken into account when considering the lens thickness.

Adopted technologies

  • Panoramic Asymmetric-Aspheric Design
  • Super Resistant Coat BR
  • Super Resistant Coat
  • Super Durable Coat
  • Super Clean Coat BR
  • UV Protect Plus

Thinness / coating

Product Name Thinness UV Cut off Reflection Resistance Contamination Resistance Scratch Resistance Anti-static coating Reducing blue light Blocking UV rays reflected from the back Fogging Resistance
★★★★ 標準 標準 標準 OP OP OP OP OP
★★★★ 標準 標準 標準 OP OP OP OP OP

S:Standard specifications OP:Option


Product Name Refractive Index Specific Gravity Abbe Value Quality Assurance Mark
1.67 1.36 32
1.67 1.36 32